Dryer Blower Motor Cleaning and Replacement

While our name says “dryer vent cleaning,” we also provide dryer blower motor cleaning and replacement services. At North Florida Dryer Vent Cleaning, we offer the best blower motor cleaning service you will find. If it’s time to replace the blower motor, we can do that for you, too.

Since the blower motor is one of the most important components of the dryer, it needs to be properly maintained. Regular dryer blower motor cleaning services can help ensure your dryer last longer and performs better. 

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What is the Dryer Blower Motor?

In a gas dryer, the blower motor will have a drum-shaped fan connected by an axle to the motor. If you have an electric dryer, it will likely be a plastic wheel that will draw air over the heading element. In both cases, the wheel will work with the motor to create a powerful air current

The dryer blower motor brings air into the machine from outside and circulates it within the drum to dry clothing. It will also expel the air outside the machine through the exhaust vent. If you have a bad blower motor or wheel, it will need to be replaced. 

With regular dryer blower motor cleaning services, you can keep your dryer working longer and better. However, sometimes, this part of the dryer does need to be replaced. 

Top 3 Signs You Need Dryer Blower Motor Replacement Services

1. Loud Vibrations

If your dryer starts to create a loud vibrating noise, you might need a new dryer blower motor. This often sounds like you put a pair of shoes in the dryer, and it may rumble when operating.

2. No Longer Dries Clothing Well

While clogged ductwork is a common reason your dryer isn’t drying clothing very well, it could also be the dryer blower motor. It’s best to check the ductwork first for a clog or schedule dryer vent cleaning services, but you might have a bigger issue. Sometimes, this can be a sign that the blower motor needs to be replaced.

3. Rattling or Squealing Sounds

A high-pitched noise or a rattling could also be a sign of a faulty dryer blower motor or wheel. It could mean that your blower wheel is cracked.

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