Dryer Flex Transition Duct

When you need a dryer flex transition duct, you need the right team to make sure you have the best options for your needs. At North Florida Dryer Vent Cleaning, we know how to match your needs with the right options. Our team does more than just clean dryer vents. We can install anything you need, including a dryer flex transition duct.

Getting the right products for your specific needs is a big deal. When you choose to hire our team for your dryer vent needs, you will be in good hands. Contact us today for any dryer duct products and cleaning services you need.

What is a Dryer Flex Transition Duct?

A dryer flex transition duct is a type of transition hose that goes behind the dryer in a laundry room at home or in a commercial building. It’s a very important tool to help get the air out of your dryer and out of your building. While there are other options you can consider, the dryer flex transition duct is the best option.

You are required by building codes to have a flexible metal vent for your transition duct. While there are many transition ducts you can choose from, dryer flex transition ducts come with benefits you cannot get from a basic transition duct. 

With this option, you will get an easier and cleaner connection to your dryer. It will also help protect against any flame spread in the event of a fire. You will also save money on your power bills and lengthen the life of the dryer.

What to Look for With a Dryer Flex Transition Duct

You want to make sure you have the UL2158A listed ducting for your dryers. The dryer flex transition duct fits this UL listing and ensures you get the best option for your dryers. It’s one of only two flexible metal vents that comes with zero flame spread and zero smoke development when tested in the Surface Burning test.

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