Exterior Wall – Dryer Vent Exhaust Cover Installation

In some cases, you will use an exterior wall for your dryer vent exhaust cover. It’s common for the exhaust cover to go on the roof, but in many instances, it can go on the nearest exterior wall. If this is the case, you’ll want North Florida Dryer Vent Cleaning to do the installation for you.

While many vents for dryer exhaust systems are made of plastic, which won’t last, others are made of lightweight metal. You want a quality exhaust cover and venting system for your dryer. If you’re ready to upgrade your dryer vent exhaust cover, call our team for a free estimate today!

Why You Need the Right Dryer Vent Exhaust Cover Installed

There are many reasons why you need to have the right dryer vent exhaust cover installed. When you only have a cheaply made cover, it can cause all types of issues, even on the exterior wall. Plastic covers will break down, and you won’t get the same performance out of your dryer with the wrong vent cover. 

With a good dryer vent exhaust cover, you’ll have a quality product that provides a better dryer performance. Airflow efficiency is very important when it comes to dryer venting. Sure, you want it to look nice or even blend in on the exterior wall, but you also want the best possible performance.

When you have the right dryer vent exhaust cover installed, you’ll reduce the risk of a dryer fire due to less lint buildup. Reducing this risk as much as possible is smart and will provide a safer laundry room at your home or in your commercial building.

Don’t allow the exterior wall dryer vent exhaust cover and system to become an afterthought. It’s important to choose a high-quality product and have it installed properly. You don’t want a vent that has a restrictive screen that collects lint or looks like an eyesore on the outside of your home.

With the right dryer vent exhaust cover, you’ll get a great look that’s stylish and durable. It will meet or exceed any code requirements and provide you with the safe dryer venting you need. 

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Our team of expert technicians brings plenty of experience to every dryer vent cleaning and installation job. We know how to properly install your exterior wall venting system to ensure you have a safer and better dryer system. When you hire us, you get a full-service team and a one-stop shop for all your dryer venting and cleaning needs.

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